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December 7, 2011
at home with Leonie

My friend Leonie is a Smartie with the cutest dimples, she has studied art history and works at the Berlin Gallery ‘Eigen + Art’ which exhibits famous artists like Neo Rauch.┬áLeonie started investing in some little art pieces herself which to me is such a mature thing to do. I think she treats clothes and furniture in a similarly mature way, she picks up pieces here and there very carefully and made to last and yes, this kind careful approach also seems to apply to her friendships, she’s really one of the kindest well-mannered people I know. So when you meet her she will be like ‘oh I found this little shoemaker in the Bretagne where I order my perfect winter boots now’, or ’ I was looking for months for a sofa and finally found this 50ies Danish design sofa on Ebay that I will get upholstered, still have to decide about the perfect fabric’. Leonie is not a ‘fashionista’ buying new bling stuff all the time but she loves pretty well-made things, good quality fabrics and beautiful colors and comfort ! So this is how she started building up a nice little wardrobe of good fitting jeans, custom-made shoes, hand-knit cardigans, personal jewelry … maybe there are some ideas for christmas gifts here ;-)

mint-green Pringle of Scotland Cardigan bought to match the teapot, or the other way around …

'frankie' is a magazine that Leonie picked up in Australia, there is great advice for self-made things inside

Cardigan by ‘Wolfen’, Acne Jeans The baby picture of Leonie in the back is a drawing by artist Howard Kanowitz, on the left there is a peak from a Neo Rauch graphic

'Wolfen' hand-knit wool sweater

Leonie wears her Ugg Boots as home slippers (I tried it at her house, fantastic !) after being slightly influenced by her travels to Australia where apparently Uggs are ‘not so fine’ streetwear. The 50ies sofa is from Ebay with fresh fabric and pillows from travels to Mexico

the Marc by Marc Jacobs bag

'von hey' bracelets

Leonie knits as a hobby (really ?!) and she makes these cute hats sometimes for her friends. The gloves are custom-made, you can chose your preferred color and leather. When you order you send in an outline drawing of your hand or a photocopy.

some of Leonie’s Favorites:

Wolfen : hand-knit cardigans, Auguststr. 41 Berlin

Cos for anything and Acne for Jeans

Handschuhschmidt: for custom-made gloves ! sorry, not sure if they deliver intl, do you know of anything like this in your country ?

Konk: Leonie loves to find delicate pieces of jewelry here, the shop also has many interesting fashion labels, Kleine Hamburger Stra├če 15 Berlin

Victoria met Albert: concept store in Berlin Dunckerstr.81, with clothes and things for your apartments

vonhey: colorful lucky charm bracelet made by Berlin designer Alexa von Heyden

Garments: Vintage store in Berlin where Leonie found her Pringle cardi

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